Thursday, September 4, 2008


System definition : A condition of harmonious, orderly interaction

Have you ever wondered...
Why do we sleep at night, and not during the day?
Why do we want to win against others?
Why do we value pieces of papers with the dollar sign on it so much?
Why do we strive so hard to get As?
Why do we fear making mistakes?
Why do we become more polite towards the elderly?

If i told you...
That it's normal to sleep during the day and perform our daily activities at night,
That we should enjoy losing,
That money have no worth and are just pieces of paper,
That getting As is a bad thing and E is a better grade,
That people will admire you if you make mistakes,
That we should be rude to the elderly.

You will say i am CRAZY

but what if i am right, what if the whole world is just confused....

Now you will say i am INSANE

This is because we are taught ever since we are little about the systems of this world.
We are taught to follow these systems, to live by them, to never question them. People long long time ago come out with these systems, to create a better society. So that we can live peacefully and in harmony. However, people evolve, our mindsets change. Yet, we still cling on to ancient systems. So, lets change our perspective and start anew.

There's electricity now, so why not live during the night? There won't be any sunburn problems.
Losing means there is someone you can look up to, someone you can learn valuable skills from.
Money ARE pieces of paper that is worthless, they are just tools to help in bartering products.
E is better than A, A means you have already get the best score and there are nothing else to learn anymore, E means there are still plenty of interesting things waiting for you to discover.
Making mistakes is a common thing, people should admire you for realizing your mistakes.
The elderly are people just like your closest friends, politeness are just unnecessary formalities.

~sleep 4pm to 12pm: half day, half night, fair and square :)~
~you can't beat the system :(~

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