Thursday, September 4, 2008


System definition : A condition of harmonious, orderly interaction

Have you ever wondered...
Why do we sleep at night, and not during the day?
Why do we want to win against others?
Why do we value pieces of papers with the dollar sign on it so much?
Why do we strive so hard to get As?
Why do we fear making mistakes?
Why do we become more polite towards the elderly?

If i told you...
That it's normal to sleep during the day and perform our daily activities at night,
That we should enjoy losing,
That money have no worth and are just pieces of paper,
That getting As is a bad thing and E is a better grade,
That people will admire you if you make mistakes,
That we should be rude to the elderly.

You will say i am CRAZY

but what if i am right, what if the whole world is just confused....

Now you will say i am INSANE

This is because we are taught ever since we are little about the systems of this world.
We are taught to follow these systems, to live by them, to never question them. People long long time ago come out with these systems, to create a better society. So that we can live peacefully and in harmony. However, people evolve, our mindsets change. Yet, we still cling on to ancient systems. So, lets change our perspective and start anew.

There's electricity now, so why not live during the night? There won't be any sunburn problems.
Losing means there is someone you can look up to, someone you can learn valuable skills from.
Money ARE pieces of paper that is worthless, they are just tools to help in bartering products.
E is better than A, A means you have already get the best score and there are nothing else to learn anymore, E means there are still plenty of interesting things waiting for you to discover.
Making mistakes is a common thing, people should admire you for realizing your mistakes.
The elderly are people just like your closest friends, politeness are just unnecessary formalities.

~sleep 4pm to 12pm: half day, half night, fair and square :)~
~you can't beat the system :(~

Friday, August 22, 2008



"The northeastern Malaysian state of Kelantan, which is ruled by a hardline Islamic party, has issued a ban on lipstick and high-heeled shoes for working Muslim women."
-Malaysia Sun

The main purpose of law, rules and regulations are simple; To prevent people from doing bad stuffs. Even without laws, we have something called conscious that allow us to discern what is right and what is wrong. So, the purpose of laws become assigning punishments to the corresponding crime. As minor crimes can be settled for some amount of money, this means the rich can get away with crimes. Which means, laws are totally ineffective.

So why are laws still so important in this world? This is because a society without laws will be chaotic, people have different views and conflict are bound to happen. Laws are made to control the conflict, not resolve conflicts. Laws are never meant to be fair. Those with power will made their opinion into a law that everyone is forced to obey.

How ridiculous is it to be forced to accept laws that are ridiculous in the first place. So, lets just do what we want as long as those actions does not hurt others. Plus, we can get away with it without getting caught. :P

~Laws are stupid sentences made for idiots with no conscious~


It is always good men who do the most harm in the world.Humans can be as cruel as torturing harmless captives.
Humans can be as cold as turning a blind eyes toward starving children.
Humans can be as heartless as abusing their own family.
Humans can be as mean as picking on the weak.
Humans can be as malicious as betraying their partners for money.
Humans can be as wicked as wishing for someone else to be dead.
Humans can be as spiteful as harming someone out of jealously.
Humans can be as hurtful as condemning the less capable.


Humans can be as beautiful as a criminal giving up his seat to the elderly.
Or a child sharing his last piece of cake.
Humans can only be as human as any human beings.

Please don't give up on us human beings. We may do evil sometimes, but deep down we never want to hurt anyone or anything. Deep down, we all know what is right and what is wrong, let's not get influenced by the any external factors. If someone did something hurtful to you, they have their reasons. If they hurt you for no reason, it only means you haven't discover the reason.

~Lets Make This World A Better Place~


"I Love You" These three words are said too often and yet not enough.

Love, we felt it, we feel it, we want it, we need it, we yearn for it, we look for it.

Love, we are scared of it, we don't understand it, we are confused by it.

A feeling so simple, yet so complex.

If you have this feeling, why not express it? If you like someone, why not tell that person? There is no law against telling a person your feelings. There is no rule that require you to take care of someone once you tell that person you like him/her. Telling someone you like him/her does not mean you are oblige to be with that person. Its how you feel, there is no need to deny your feelings. Why not make someone's day brighter? Tell that person your feelings. Maybe he/she likes you too. If not, so what? Love is not something bad, love is not something controllable, love is a blessing.

~Embrace Love, Let's Not Shy Away From It~

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yeap! From the Authors of The Distinctively Emotional And Blur and The Empty Blog. We present to you An Idea On Everything where ideas and topics are voiced out. The topics here in this site might not be everyone.

Since this is the first Entry for AIOE, we're gonna talk on Sexuality.
What is it actually? Its actually an Individual's Sexual Preference, theres so much out there! Just like choosing and buying Toilet Paper in the super market. Well, actually theres not that much of a choice. Some are born with the preference, some choose to be and some just pretends to be.
The choices are: Straight, Gay, Bi-Sexual.Talking about Straight People are just so boring, hence the name Straight, its like a straight road which has no exciting turns for cars to drive. Gays and Bi-Sexuals however are like race tracks with difficult turns and death traps.

Ok, Let's talk about the Gays. Its typically 2 guys or 2 girls who are in love with each other and engage in sexual intercourse with one another. Gay girls are call Lesbian and gay guys are call gay guys. In this 21st Century, theres actually nothing wrong with 2 guys being really intimate, since the world nowadays is so open minded and going through what we call Globalization. But, not many people can Accept this, two guys being close and intimate with one another will resulting those close minded people to view them as Gays. Instant Labeling, even faster than A Pentium 4 Processor.
Call it Lovely or Disturbing, you make your judgement.

Isnt it funny when we see that people do not really say much when two really adorable girls pose, hug, hold hands, touch each other Passionately and even Kiss? Well, some girls might find it disturbing but I understand most of the guys would find it really entertaining! So, I guess guys do have a level of intimacy before they are label as gays. How about 2 guys walking slowly (A very romantic yet FABULOUS way of walking together) talking in a soft voice, in the middle of the night? Ooo! Suspicious, definately a Gay couple!
Yes, research has shown that 90% of Sissies (Soft Guys- those who talk softly, act softly, act girlishly walk in a FABULOUS way and so much more soft things) are Gays. No doubt about it! So, how do these Gay people engage in an intercourse?
I will explain this!
Gay Guys: They Penetrate their Dicks into their Partner's ass. Of course, theirs ass grabbing, oral sex, face fuck and fisting. (Dont search that up, I find it very disturbing)
Lesbians: THIS I really dun understand. They do what they call scissoring, where two girls rub their vaginas together. Hmm, how would that feel? No, its not that simple actually, its two girls with a double sided Dildo which penetrates into both of the girls vagina. One of the girl usually act as the "Man" where she would wear a fake Dick and vice Versa

Oh gosh! Ur brain must be filled with Dirty Imagination now, and if its not contaminated, well, i bet it is now! See, thats why i share these Vital information.

Moving On, We have the very unique Bi-sexual. Why Unique? They love both Guys and Girls. Many people find Bi-sexual weird because they think they are just confused! But truly, Bi-Sexual people for me, I think are the people who God really created. Those who love both genders...and want to have intercourse with both of them. One sex is just not enough!
Bi-Sexual people.... actually, they are just kind of a hybrid human being... thats all i can say.

Let a human be Straight, Gay or Bi-Sexual, just let them be, they need not to be judge or discriminated...they just want to find their happiness in life, be happy everyday and live their life with their mates. So, let us peace out with people from different sexual orientation...